the last time

it was as hot then as it is today
over Modelos melting into sweat

at a party on Ana’s roof in lawn chairs
with only sky above us we talked

about the thousand little deaths of everyday
the childhood dogs gone the tragic

ending of every cup of coffee
that moment that didn’t happen

just passed between your open lips
we talked all night like breezes

like we were the only people
who had ever had those thoughts

and ever would
and when it was time to leave

we took Eastern Parkway back together
whirring and weightless 

do you remember
me on my bike you on the skateboard

islands of  sidewalk halcyon lampposts
lush and too good to be true

like a golden thread
had wrapped itself around the two of us

announcing the hunger over
to the tune of Chance’s Angels

booming so loud from my speaker
in the green gold glowing night

 so when we said goodbye
you taking Union

me taking the park
I said it full of faith

©2023 Niall Cunningham