I would love to share it with you
but my mouth is already full of teeth

and I don’t believe in energies
or telepathy or the accuracy of drawing. 

Like too much food on a too tiny lunch tray,
the mechanism simply cannot support the function.

Kind of reminds one of sex, well, for those less fortunate.
You know that moment, happens all the time,

there you are in your body, here I am in mine.  

‘ Two shoelaces can be tied an infinite number of ways’,
some cryptic dick might respond. Or ‘You’re in your own head’ 

a place geographically, corporally
in which we are all indefinitely (definitely) leased. 

If they’ve been absolutely determined to get it,
in the past people have tried

pressing red buttons, long algorithimic equations,
donations, if they’ve been really courageous.

If you are so desperate- feel free, give it all away.
For instance, if you can, say it outloud. 

Call it out to me. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

©2023 Niall Cunningham