O, it can be a very lonely place up here but there’s still so much to do /
the beams need realignment / the garden needs tending / I don’t
write very much when i feel good / do you know
that a weed can be anything / its all categorization / a perfectly fine
apple tree or onion could be your invader / threatening the crop / in need of up
rooting / your letters are missed deeply as is your voice / the bed is still
made / the sheets still /dirty / it’s good for me to stay busy / I came across this /
bird the other day / cold / on the floor of the ranch house / where the squatter used to be / 
I don’t know how it got in / there were no clues / no witness / 
it’s important to hold on to the little rewards / one day 
the cat does come back / sometimes at night it’s as if  you are still here /
the radio keeps playing / songs are good entertainment but often untrue /
i don’t know about you but i really hate to lose things / it’s such a waste of 
time / which is supposedly the most precious commodity we have /
something akin to progress / O, yes i made it through the winter well and well 
there’s still so much to do / It is a very lonely place up here / but maybe not for long 

©2023 Niall Cunningham