all this is to say

it is a Tuesday the insatiable railmen are hard at work
digging another hole straight through my chest 
I’d have a great deal to write to you if there wasn’t
all that hammering or the blinding light refracting off the train window 
wow finally February I guess we made it through
the sun is coming out its cave but the thawing will come later still 
basically I'd like to apologize this all really has nothing to do
with you I can’t keep blaming it on
the weather this perpetual
strangeness soon it will be spring and I will still feel this 
etiolating alone on the corner in my adult clothes
at best I think I could provide you with yet another list of
what I love with you omitted because as you know
you have to get on your hands and knees
to wrap your arms around your shadow
and that consumes a lot of my time
there’s so much to do
the back bending the chiseling the paint dry progress
the endless one day not today
it keeps my schedule all filled up see
I have a whole statue of a man to finish
but I promise some other time
I’ll tell you what I really mean

©2023 Niall Cunningham